We propose collaboration for dance and performing arts with other media by growing networks and communication, to bring forth arts for next generation.
Our aim is to act as an "medium" to transmit cultural notion concerning performing arts, as one organization for new media and new generation. "Re-Mediation" = Design and composition of new approach for existing forms of art, which will lead to collision of every kind of artistic discipline, like chemical reaction.Main members of "Dance and Media Japan" are producers and directors, that means, we can "design and produce space as information" before we deal with production of functional supace such as theaters and museums. Although we see various new methodologies and consiousness that prevail and develop in the market, actual distribution model is far away from being open.In particular, the communication and information exchange for the field of art is very limited and subjected for major ones; only an array of organized information is transmitted to limited communities.There is no direction and management model, which forcast and head simultaneously generated movement around the world, in order to share the basics.Also we should utilize information before archive according to its original function; how much we can use, distribute and develop them. Because, information changes every second and its environment and ideologies changes at the same time.Recentrly the genre of "media" within the art indicates such as "video", "DTM", "programs", "internet". However, what we mean by "media" is "essential commiunication for people" "presence by human beings" If the purpose of the creation is not only for completion of one works but also enhancement of our" sensitivity and awareness of humanities", we can realize "the body of media".
Offering the ground for information and "Re-Mediation" are necessary, in order to meet and make people meet. And this is our way to make contribution to society.


Dance and Media Japan / TOKYO
director NAOTO IINA

[SEOUL Office]
Dance and Media Japan